Submitting an Application

All Mod Rehab and PRAC conversions are procesed as RAD for Multifamily transactions. Prior to submitting a Financing Plan, an owner must make an initial submission to HUD indicating the owner's interest in conversion under this Notice. The initial submission and final application are submitted electronically to the RAD Resource Desk at

Below are instructions for creating and submitting an application for RAD for Multifamily. 

  1. Log into the RAD Resource Desk. If you do not have an account, you need to create an account. To submit an appliction, you must have an active account on the RAD Resource Desk. When creating an account, select user type Multifamily/Applicant.
  2. Click “Submit a Mod Rehab Application” or “Submit a PRAC Application” next to My Applications.

  3. Follow instructions at the top of the page to begin the RAD 2 application process.  
  4. Complete the information (starred and highlighted fields are required). Click “Submit  Confirmation of Interest to HUD.” Or, if you need additional time to fill out the required fields,  you may click “Save for Later,” and submit to HUD at a later date. 
  5. After you have clicked “Submit Confirmation of Interest to HUD,” you will receive a  confirmation on your screen. Following this initial interest submission, HUD will assign a  Reviewer/Transaction Manager, who will contact you to discuss the application process and  your goals for the property.  You may click “Continue with Application Submission” to upload  any relevant documents, or “Return to Home Page” to upload the required documents at a  later time. 

  6. To submit a document, click “Upload Documents.”  Then click “Choose File” under the  corresponding section, and choose the file that you would like to upload for that section. If a  document category is not applicable to your transaction, you may click “N/A” instead, and  provide a brief explanation in the comment box. If you are not ready to submit a complete  application, click “Save”.  However, once you upload all necessary documents and comments,  click “Submit Application”. 
  7. You can view and upload additional information about your project any time you log on.

Tip: Assemble and electronically save your documents prior to uploading to the site.

Mod Rehab Owner Outreach

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